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Inflation Supper Delivery

SKU 284215376135191


A budget friendly supper deilvery to warm your lovely wallet during this tax season & the current inflation.  

1) Tot Man Sai Oua :  chicken tot man with northern thai herbs & seasoning 

2) Tam Kao Pode : spicy Thai salad from isaan with shrimp & yellow corn

3) Braised Beef Khao Soi  : chiangmai thailand curry noodle with lots of elements & deliciousness

4) Sticky Rice Pudding with Mango Compote



Inflation Supper cannot be modified. Sorry for the inconvenient.


We currently do not offer any substitutions at the moment.


Delivery window is between 5pm-7pm. Supper is ready to eat but may need to be reheated due to traveling time. Heating direction is included on the back of the menu along with the order.

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